Online Entry Forms

All online entry forms are due by September 10th.  Cutoff is at 5pm.

Please watch for Livestock Updates!

Certification of  Academic Eligibility
Photo Release Form 2021-2022

Online Entry Process for Livestock, Horses, Poultry, Rabbits, Cavies

All entries must be completed through this online process

Entry Deadline is Friday, September 10 at 5:00 pm

Final check-in will be completed in person at the fair

Schedule of check in dates and times is on this website (Rogers County Fair Book – Fair Calendar)

Please follow the link below for each species to enter

Start by filling in the exhibitor information form (1st page found at the link) then click “next” to proceed to animal information. Click "next" at the end of each page to proceed through entry of multiple animals and the full entry process.

Each species entry process includes several pages – make sure you proceed all the way to the last page to ensure your entry is complete and processed.


Due to the fluid environment created by COVID-19, final decisions about livestock move-in and move-out schedules, fitting livestock, and equipment allowed in the barn will be made at the September Fair Board meeting. This meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Sept 9th at 7:30 pm at the Claremore Expo. Our goal will be to maximize social distancing while maintaining as much of our traditional fair environment as possible. Updates will be posted to this website, Facebook and sent to 4-H leaders and Ag teachers

Questions about entries should be directed to the superintendent for each species. Superintendents are listed in the Fair Book Sections posted on the Fair Book tab of this website. 

Steers (market & prospect)          Breeding Heifers          Showmanship                        

Heifers & Cows          Showmanship 

 Market Wether          Breeding Does          Showmanship

Market          Breeding Ewes          Showmanship

Market          Breeding Gilts          Showmanship

*10 bird max entries for poultry (all categories combined)

Chickens           Ducks           Geese       Turkey