Online Entry Forms

All online entry forms are due by September 11th.  Cutoff is at 6pm.

Please see Livestock Updates!

Certification of  Academic Eligibility
Photo Release Form 2020-2021
- All exhibitors should utilize online entry forms
- A confirmation of successful entry will be emailed for each animal or showmanship entry
- Entries WILL NOT be processed on show day at the fair
- Only pre-entered animals will be checked-in at the fair. 
- If applicable, weight or registration papers will be checked at fair check-in
- Exhibitors should bring their entry confirmation e-mail(s), academic eligibility form, photo release form and social security # to check-in at the fair
- The online entry deadline is Friday, Sept 11 at 6:00 pm
- Please contact your species superintendent if you have questions about your entries



The Beef Show will be a blow and show only!!!

Steers (market & prospect)          Breeding Heifers          Showmanship                        


Heifers & Cows          Showmanship 


 The Goat Show will be a blow and show only!!!

Market Wether          Breeding Does          Showmanship


Market          Breeding Ewes          Showmanship


Market          Breeding Gilts          Showmanship


*5 bird max entries for poultry (all categories combined)

Chickens           Ducks           Geese       Turkey



We have released the quarantine on the last VSV premises in Oklahoma. The last positive confirmed case we had was July 31. Cases in our neighboring states have dropped, with Kansas and Missouri only recording one suspect case each during the past week.
Because of this we are removing the movement restrictions on ALL OKLAHOMA COUNTIES affected.
Please remember that we believe it is possible that we could have a second wave as different species of insects hatch that can carry the virus or we have a new hatch of the insects that caused the first outbreak. Also remember it’s possible other states could still have restrictions on Oklahoma livestock so call the state of destination when performing CVIs.